(Color) From top left, clockwise, Laser Gun Toy, Taiwan, c. 1970s–1980s; “Space Super Jet” Toy Gun, Japan, c. 1960s–1970s; XZ-44 Liquid Helium Toy Water Pistol, USA, 1936; and Flash Gordon Arresting Ray Pistol Toy, USA, 1952…

(B&W) The progenitor of all ray gun toys that followed, the Buck Rogers XZ-31 Rocket Pistol by Daisy Manufacturing caused a Christmastime sensation in 1934. From top left, clockwise, the prototype for the XZ-31, the XZ-31 itself, and the XZ-35 “Wilma Deering” Rocket Pistol of 1935.

(Source: blog.nasm.si.edu)